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Achieve Weight Loss Success With The Stat Weight Loss Program

Losing excess weight is not always easy, especially for individuals who do not have a strong support system in place to provide guidance along the way. Weight gain is often the result of poor eating and exercise habits, and these habits may be difficult to change without outside assistance. Without a helping hand, many people who try to lose weight do not succeed and start to feel hopeless.

If you have tried to lose excess weight in the past but have not been able to achieve your weight loss goals, there is hope. Edgewood MD weight loss doctor Marc Scheiner, MD, has formulated a safe, effective weight loss program to help patients like you lose surplus weight and keep it off.

*Disclaimer: Your Individual results may vary.

Dr. Scheiner first developed the physician supervised weight loss program when he realized he had gained a few pounds and needed to lose the excess weight. He knew that as a physician, he should be a positive role model for his patients and serve as an example of good health. Thus, he used his medical training and knowledge to create a comprehensive weight loss plan that could not only help him lose the excess weight, but that could also be beneficial to other individuals seeking physician supervised weight loss in Wilmington, Newark or any of the surrounding regions including Northern Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania.

What You Can Expect From The Stat Weight Loss Program in Edgewood MD

Because the Stat Weight Loss program was designed by a physician, it is a comprehensive plan that includes both nutrition guidance to help you learn to make healthy lifestyle choices and prescription medications to help control your cravings, give you added energy and boost your metabolism. This combination of patient education and the use of proven medical tools is what makes our program unique, safe, and effective.

How much weight you lose depends on how closely you follow the program, including how faithfully you reduce your caloric intake, eat well-balanced meals and maintain the recommended fitness regimen. With theStat Weight Loss program, however, you will receive the following tools to prepare you for your weight loss journey:

  • A medical examination by Dr. Scheiner to ensure you are in suitable health to participate in a physician supervised weight loss program
  • An analysis of your medical and weight loss history by Dr. Scheiner
  • A diet plan involving a reduction of your daily caloric consumption and a variety of nutritious food choices
  • Phentermine, an FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressant, to help control your food cravings
  • Vitamin B12 shots to help boost your body's metabolism and energy levels
  • A collaborative effort between you and Dr. Scheiner establishing weight loss goals that are most appropriate for you
  • Nutrition and fitness advice from Dr. Scheiner
  • Coaching to help you stay on track so you achieve the determined weight loss goals

If you are looking for physician supervised weight loss in Newark, Wilmington or the surrounding area, look no further than Stat Weight Loss. At Stat Weight Loss, Dr. Scheiner is prepared to help you succeed in achieving your weight loss goals.

To schedule a consultation to learn more about our physician supervised weight loss program, please contact Stat Weight Loss by calling (410) 620-9722.

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