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Marc S. Scheiner, MD, earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Delaware. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Dr. Scheiner completed a subsequent family practice residency at the University of Florida in Jacksonville. He then began practicing family medicine in Elkton, MD.

After practicing family medicine for some time, Dr. Scheiner realized he wanted to pursue surgical training. He thus enrolled in the general surgery program at Nassau University Medical Center in New York, completing his general surgery residency. Dr. Scheiner next fulfilled an advanced training fellowship in plastic surgery at Long Island Plastic Surgery, the largest cosmetic surgery practice in the United States.

After finishing his plastic surgery training, Dr. Scheiner returned to Elkton where he founded O’Leigh Aesthetic Surgery Center, LLC, to meet the plastic surgery needs of residents in the immediate area as well as in the surrounding region. As his plastic surgery practice flourished, Dr. Scheiner recognized that his patients would benefit from having a surgical facility conveniently located in the area. With his patients’ needs in mind, Dr. Scheiner teamed up with other Elkton physicians to establish a medical center in Cecil County comprised of several medical offices, including his own, and the Upper Bay Surgery Center.

More About The Doctor

Dr. Scheiner discovered a personal interest in weight loss several years ago when he realized he was moderately overweight. As a physician, he knew he should be setting a good example for his patients, so he tapped into his medical expertise to formulate a safe, effective weight loss program. By following this medical weight loss plan, Dr. Scheiner was able to attain his ideal body weight. He now offers this same physician supervised weight loss program, so others can experience successful weight loss too.

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